By john smyth

Latest Update

The WDFA Committee have decided that games will remain ON tomorrow.

The view from the FA is as follows
We are fully aware that there are questions about whether grassroots football in England should be played because of the Covid-19 virus. Consistent with Government advice, we are recommending that grassroots football is able to continue as usual for now, with each league or centre making its own individual decision based on its local situation and the availability of players and officials.

I have been personally aware of 2 / 3 who have indicated that they do not want to play as they potentially have players who have self isolated. We as an Association respect this decision. If you are one of those teams, can you ensure that you contact the normal people, just as you would do in the case of a postponement. IE Shaun, Ralph, Opponents and Ref.

We will make a further decision on Monday, when I presume we will have more guidance from the FA.
For those clubs involved in semis next week, please at this stage assume they will be still on.

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