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By john smyth

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Good evening,

On behalf of the WDFA I would like to pass on our updated Covid policy. This takes immediate effect.

Those Exhibiting Symptoms
If one or more of your current players or Management Team exhibit symptoms please get him / her to have a test.
Then on the day that it is brought to the attention of the club, inform via a single email:-
- Shaun - Fixture Secretary
- Nicola - League Secretary

- Paul - League Chairman

Current League Policy is we will look at the expected time for the test result to be known and postpone any match due to take place in this period (expected 3 days maximum). This postponement will also affect other associated teams (Reserves, A. etc) should there have been cross team mixing such as training.

Positive Test.

If a positive test result is received the NHS Track & Trace system will inform all concerned who should self-isolate, and for however long.

The Club MUST inform the League (same three contacts as above) on the day that the result is known.
The League will suspend the clubs fixtures for an initial seven days, from the date of the notification. . During the sixth and seventh day the club will need to provide evidence (Track and Trace etc.) that the postponements should not move to 10 or 14 days as per self-isolation requirements. Again the postponement will also affect other associated teams (Reserves, A….) should there have been cross team mixing such as training. The responsibility is on the club to prove that it is clear of Covid.

Additionally if it is known a player has tested positive after playing in a WDFA fixture, their opponents and all associated teams will have their next set of fixtures postponed as well. Also the match official will be asked to stand down. This is not necessary in line with NHS recommendations, but we believe it is the safest course of action for all concerned.

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