Special General Meeting

By john smyth

Important News

There will be a special general meeting on Thursday 16th September at West Witney at 7.30pm.

This meeting will be to vote as to whether FC Hollybush play in division 3 or division 4 this season.

Listed below is why the meeting has been called and please take note of this when casting your vote.

Prior to the AGM a meeting was held to discuss the format of the league tables for the forthcoming season and a request had been made by FC Hollybush to enter a reserve team due to this FC Hollybush were put up into divsion 3. The provisional tables were then put together ready for the AGM. WDFA were then informed that Hollybush were not going to enter a reserve team however although the reserve team was removed from division 4, FC Hollybush were left in division 3.

The league tables were handed out at the AGM and no questions were raised as to why FC Hollybush were in division 3 and not 4, these tables were voted on and accepted by the clubs present (clubs were advised league 1 & 2 may change pending FC Mills appeal hearing).

At the WDFA committee meeting on Monday 23rd August, it was discussed and agreed that FC Hollybush should go down to Division 4. FC Hollybush raised a complaint about this has they thought they were in division 3 as agreed at the AGM.

An officers meeting was held on Tuesday 31st August and the officers voted that due to an admin error and that it wasn't picked up at the AGM then FC Hollybush should stay in division 3. FC Hollybush were contacted to inform them of the officers decision and an email was sent to all committee members after FC Hollybush had been contacted.

An objection has been made by some committee members and after seeking advice from the OFA, the only way to get this resolved is for all clubs to attend a special general meeting and vote on where FC Hollybush should play.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

WDFA Secretary

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