Season suspended

By john smyth

No football until 19th September

Good evening,

Following an emergency Committee Meeting this evening, I am sorry to say we have decided to suspend the league with immediate effect and we will not recommence until Saturday 19th September. No league matches and friendlies will be allowed to be played during this period. However socially distant training will be allowed.

The reason for this is quite simple, we are aware of at least one and possibly more positive Covid tests over the last few days.
We are unsure just how many people the person/people have been in contact with over the last few days, but they have certainly played games and were drinking in a number of local pubs over the weekend before taking a test. We know at least one person, who has tested positive, has been in contact with players from half a dozen local clubs.

We have to take this seriously, sadly we do not believe some people are.

We also need to make it clear regarding rules over track and trace. ALL clubs should be recording names and contact numbers for every player who attends a training session and a game, These need to be kept for a minimum of 21 days. Ideally you also should be obtain any spectator information.

Additionally clubs should have carried out a risk assessment with regards Covid. We are not stupid we know some of you will not have done this. Alternatively you can get a copy form the OFA Website The FA Issues Guidelines for the Return of Outdoor Competitive Grassroots Football

The FA Issues Guidelines for the Return of Outdoor Competitive Grassroot...
The FA Issues Guidelines for the Return of Outdoor Competitive Grassroots Football

Clubs will be not be permitted to resume playing friendlies or matches until a copy of your risk assessment has been sent to me by e mail.

We would also urge anyone that may have been in contact with the persons to go and arrange a Covid test asap.

On first glance this may appear to be draconian, but we as a league do not want a serious illness or death on our hands.

Best wishes and stay safe.

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